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Upcoming ICO List

Animated Project
We try to produce our own animated film and series. Making animated needs a lot of work.
ICO Start: 18.01.2018 Website:  Animated Project Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Lorenzo Piazza
Texas Tea ICO
Finally there is a crypto currency actually backed up by something.
ICO Start: 23.02.2018 Website:  Texas Tea ICO Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Ozzie Rea
KickCity proposes a socially viral model for event marketing.
ICO Start: 01.02.2018 Website:  KickCity Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Maria
Luxcess Group
Investment fund with zero commissions and lifetime reward for contributors
ICO Start: 01.03.2018 Website:  Luxcess Group Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Bex Bostjan