ico list
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a list of startups that are collecting fund for their further development. Each ICO takes certain period of time in which investors can take a chance to invest in interesting projects. On our ICO list there are two groups of projects. First ICO list is dedicated to current projects and the second ICO list contains upcoming projects. In most cases investor put at stake his capital in return for certain amount of cryptocurrency that startups are offering.

Current ICO List

LiveEdu is a live and video tutorial learning platform where content creators teach learners how to build real products.
ICO Start: 16.11.2017 Website: LiveEdu Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Scott
Monaize is the first decentralized initial coin offering built on top of the Komodo Platform.
ICO Start: 10.11.2017 Website: Monaize Link:  Whitepaper Founder: James
Blockchain Peer 2 Peer Marketplace & Logistics Platform.
ICO Start: 31.10.2017 Website: Hagglin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Shaun David
Global blockchain ecosystem for agriculture and food businesses.
ICO Start: 23.08.2017 Website: FoodCoin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Mark Meytin
DigitX aims to be the digital token and protocol of choice for the decentralised AI and Robotics community.
ICO Start: 01.08.2017 Website: DigitX Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Chloe Jean
International business social network and trading platform, complex innovative technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency
ICO Start: 06.09.2017 Website: BANER Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Dmitry Khodzhaian