ico list
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a list of startups that are collecting fund for their further development. Each ICO takes certain period of time in which investors can take a chance to invest in interesting projects. On our ICO list there are two groups of projects. First ICO list is dedicated to current projects and the second ICO list contains upcoming projects. In most cases investor put at stake his capital in return for certain amount of cryptocurrency that startups are offering.

Current ICO List

Treon Brings Crypto Revolution To Utility Payments
ICO Start: 18.06.2018 Website: Treon Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Hesham El Metainy
Revolutionizing Global Trade and Transport by Decentralization
ICO Start: 01.06.2018 Website: CargoCoin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Bogomil Alexandrov
Blockchain 4.0 for enterprise
ICO Start: 26.06.2018 Website: genEOS Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Alexander Landa
SGAT Technologies
SGAT is an IT consulting and development firm providing solutions based on blockchain technologies and smart-contracts.
ICO Start: 06.11.2018 Website: SGAT Technologies Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Sebastien Pussia
Shark Lotto
Shark Lotto the most transparent, simplest and Honesty lottery Decentralized lottery powered by the Ethereum Blockchain
ICO Start: 01.09.2018 Website: Shark Lotto Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Shark Lotto
Unique Game Monetization System GGPro is a blockchain platform that creates new opportunities for interaction between the gaming community, sponsors and game developers
ICO Start: 01.10.2018 Website: GGPRO Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Andrey Kochanov
H Education World is a completely bootstrapped start-up, and is working towards creating world's biggest and best Educational Platform.
ICO Start: 16.08.2018 Website: H EDUCATION WORLD ICO Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Raj Sharma
Traderly is a platform connecting investors with professional institutional level traders and money managers.
ICO Start: 05.02.2018 Website: Traderly Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Werner Riekert