ico list
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a list of startups that are collecting fund for their further development. Each ICO takes certain period of time in which investors can take a chance to invest in interesting projects. On our ICO list there are two groups of projects. First ICO list is dedicated to current projects and the second ICO list contains upcoming projects. In most cases investor put at stake his capital in return for certain amount of cryptocurrency that startups are offering.

Current ICO List

Rothscoin is the ecosystem of decentralized applications.
ICO Start: 10.12.2017 Website: Rothscoin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: RothscoinTeam
International business social network and trading platform, complex innovative technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrency
ICO Start: 06.09.2017 Website: BANER Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Dmitry Khodzhaian
Alpha Coin ICO
Alpha Coin is a unique cryptocurrency that provides guaranteed profits via Alpha Trading Platform.
ICO Start: 12.01.2018 Website: Alpha Coin ICO Link:  Whitepaper Founder: James Davis
Reales Coin
Reales coin is the first cryptocurrency that merges the real world with the digital.
ICO Start: 10.01.2018 Website: Reales Coin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Realescoin
Vanity Fear
Crowdfunding the production of the Movie about Darkweb and Bitcoin.
ICO Start: 30.12.2017 Website: Vanity Fear Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Dmitry Komratov
Gold Bits Coin
We are Gold Bits Coin. The cryptocurrency that is gold backed, it actually works on the concept of bitcoin .
ICO Start: 15.01.2018 Website: Gold Bits Coin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: sabith mohammed
Doc Coin
Blockchain protocol for telehealth.
ICO Start: 30.11.-0001 Website: Doc Coin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Nikita Zykov
EternalNode - the world's first decentralized service of collective masternode-mining.
ICO Start: 15.01.2018 Website: EternalNode Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Jack Brown
MinerDog coin will pay monthly dividends in Ether from profits of our crypto currency mining operations.
ICO Start: 17.12.2017 Website: MinerDog Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Blake Eyre
BioFactoryCoin (BFC) the first factory in the world producing healthy milk.
ICO Start: 27.11.2017 Website: BioFactoryCoin Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Vitalijus Glyskovas
The world's most powerful data exchange.
ICO Start: 02.01.2018 Website: datawallet Link:  Whitepaper Founder: Serafin Lion Engel